Friday, December 5, 2014

At Long Last....

Hey everyone!

Or maybe just the two folks left who check this blog.

The rules have changed on infantry at least twice since I began this blog and have been errata'd out the wazoo.  This makes it next to impossible to write anything down before it becomes obsolete.

- I have a lot of back projects that are BT-related.  I need to get the decks cleared before I start in on this Primer again.  One of those projects is translating the TRO:3063 to German.  Another is finishing an electronically enhanced Union Class Dropship very similar to the one on the back of Strategic Operations and shipping it to England.  Still another is updating the 3063 with a short piece named, oddly enough, 3063 Update.  No, James Bixby, we still will not feature Clan Mechs.

- Meanwhile, am going to sniff around and see when it's safe to start up the Primer again.

I will keep you posted from now on, monthly.  Things may pick up sooner.

My apologies for the massive neglect.  I, too, have been wanting a clear template for using infantry.



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  1. Hi Steve, I've been secretly watching your site from afar. Good to see you're still alive.